Great place, I always leave feeling relaxed, calm and overall better!

Went back to visit in OKC and took my happy self to see Dr. Schacter again.. They have fixed up their clinic and it looks really good but most importantly the quality of his service was still amazing..

All Health is a great find at a great price..Wow!! I was visiting a friend in Oklahoma City and pulled my back out..ouch!!

My friend told me to go see his chiropractor, Dr. Nathan Schacter..
Dr. Schacter really helped me immediately. He used acupuncture,some type of meridian reading machine and best of all some good old fashioned adjustments and I LOVED it.. Dr. Schacter was funny,knowledgeable and down to earth. He also teaches a meditation class there.. If I lived in Oklahoma City I would be a regular client of the clinic. They do detox foot baths and other cool stuff that I enjoy here in Dallas..I really like that he does adjustments and is really affordable..I highly recommend the clinic and Dr, Schacter..
enjoy it…wish we had him here.